Thursday, February 4, 2010

Board meetings or Bored meetings?

What is the point of a Board meeting for the common folk? In the company I work for we are notified that a Board meeting is coming, and that we should be on our best behavior...I feel like we are in kindergarten and the principle will be visiting the class soon.

If you were a high level executive and were visiting a company that you had a large investment in, wouldn't you want to see how things are when business is usual? Instead when board members (or principals) oversee everyday operations, people are on their best behavior. One might think this is a good thing, but in truth it sets up a false sense of security. A higher up might think that everything is fine, and if that is their impression of how business is done I imagine the shareholder meetings go smoothly...but if only they knew what went on in the trenches. That might effect their investments, and their hope for the future.

Meetings as a whole though are often supreme example of wastes of time. How much information is disseminated in a group meeting that couldn't be sent via email? Charts, graphs, facts, figures...if there is no discussion or question and answer period, why do people have to stop their normal day flow to go to a meeting to listen to someone read from a power point presentation? It's like I am not able to read or take into account any information so I need it spoon fed to me. Though I can understand the meetings that I attend to be more pep rallies then anything else. I never understood how pep rallies motivated people. If I say "I will kick ass today", does that really affect me kicking ass? Perhaps I'm too skeptical a person to swallow the corporate Kool-Aid...

Perhaps there is a rhyme to the corporate reason, but salespeople are usually not privy to such knowledge.


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